Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP), is harvested by single centrifugation of peripheral blood for 5minutes at 1500rpm.

The platelets, growth factors, proteins and electrolytes in increased concentration remain in the separated blood plasma .

The application of ACP has the best effect in acute injuries, such as muscle injuries from a direct hit, muscle sprain, tendon injuries, joint sprains, etc. It is highly recommended when we need to decrease the post-traumatic swelling, reduce the hematoma and accelerate the healing process.

In cartilage degenerative conditions, it provides a beneficial effect to the joint. It is associated with the reduction of pain and swelling, restoration of movements, and last but not least the construction of “cartilage like tissue” in the area of the defect. Improvement of the condition is closely linked to the degree of the damage, accompanying diseases and the medications taken. Best results in degenerative changes occur three months after the last injection.

The application of ACP, is a good choice in treating conditions causing degenerative changes, which for one or another reason are not suitable for endoprosthesis.The effect is significant in the early stages of degeneration, especially in chondropathy I, II and III stage. It also has a good effect in other chronic diseases.

What should you do before starting treatment with growth factors?

First of all you need to stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs at least 1 week before the initiation of the therapy. They also should not be taken at least 2 weeks after the procedure. You must drink at least half a liter of water one hour before the procedure.

Based on our experience, in case of acute conditions we begin the treatment as soon as possible after the injury occurred. We are aiming at reinforcement of the effect of endogenously released growth factors. After the first application, the good effect including improve of the condition, decreasing of post-traumatic swelling and reduce of the hematoma, is observed in 4 days. The second application is 6-8 days after the first. If necessary, in another 6-8 days, we apply a third one. Depending on the severity of the injury, the number of applications could reach 3-4 in a period of 20-25 days.

In chronic conditions, such as chondropathy grade 3-4, during the arthroscopic treatment, a meniscectomy and microfracturing are made. In these cases the applications of growth factors starts 3 weeks after the operation. It is carried out by a specific scheme.