Medical Center “Sveta Bogorodica – Vazvestitelnitsa” opened in autumn of 2002.
The idea to establish this medical center came as a result of our wish to offer our patients quality treatment corresponding to our capabilities and conscience. Our goal is to deliver a complete process of specialized examination, laboratory and instrumental diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Our team is made up of well trained and educated doctors, therapists and nurses. If our knowledge and capabilities are insufficient to help you we won’t hesitate to recommend you to consult our colleagues

specialized in your particular problem.
Our credo is enshrined in the name of the medical center. We want to preserve our identity and our right to heal loyal to the principle “PRIMUM NON NOCERE”.

Our team

Dr. Aneta Hubenova


Dr. Dinko Hubenov

Orthopedic traumatologist

Dr. Rosen Atanasov

Orthopedic traumatologist

Dr. Rosica Georgieva


Nikolai Kacarov

Rehabilitation therapist

Iliana Vasileva

Оperating nurse

Teodora Petkova

Оperating nurse

Lilia Georgieva

Registrar - Reception


Dear Dr. Hubenov,
It’s hard to be restrained when I want to share one so great sense of gratitude first of all to you personally and to your colleagues in the Medical Center Sveta Bogorodica – Vazvestitelnitsa. Fortunately, there is a wonderful word “thank you” that says more than I can express with thousands of words. Thank you, Dr. Hubenov for the medical care and humanity .Thanks to your outstanding competence and dedication you preserved my health and my spirit so that my sporting career continued so long. Thank you for keeping me healthy for myself, my family, for my favorite sport, so that my dream of Olympic title can become a reality.
Thank you, Dr. Hubenov, for giving me the most valuable – THE HEALTH!
Stanka Zlateva- Тwo times viceоlympic ,five-time world and six times European champion in wrestling.

Stanka Zlateva

Olympic champion

Dear Dr. Hubenov,
The success in the sporting career of each player depends on many factors. One of the most important of them is the proper and successfull treatment of injuries that inevitably accompanies the big sport and especially the wrestling that I practice since childhood. As my doctor, you and your team not only spared me a number of complications, pain and suffering, but above all became sympathetic to my sporting successes, and through them to the national sports prestige of Bulgaria.
Mihail Ganev wrestler in the Bulgarian national team.

Mihail Ganev

Wrestler in the Bulgarian national team

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Dragalevtsi, Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: 02 / 967 31 61
Mobile: 0887 93 63 23

Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 18.00
Friday: 8.00 - 15.00